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Icons are back =D   
10:07pm 14/10/2006
mood: creative
Well, I have not been on for a while but im starting to. The bad news is, I still don't have my computer back, the good news is im obsessed with Nazis. xD Okay, the real good news is that im starting to make icons, the problem is, I only have MS Paint to use, so they have to be simple but still good enough for me to use. Now all thats left is to make a layout, if only I knew how. =/

Well, for today I had a sleepover with Belinda, she woke me up; 10 in the frigen morning! And still the torture did not stop, he had to watch Inuyasha and Naruto while I was Trying to fall back to sleep, but it's not all that bad, at least its better then watching shows about history with her dad and my boyfriend. Oh and if Belinda is reading this, Look up! Way up! It's the green giant! xDD

P.S. Like my new icon? xD
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It's the weekend!   
02:53pm 22/09/2006
mood: bouncy
well... sitting here in computer class.. I have no work to do so im on here... just posting away. I Have added you San, so stop bugging me about it. xD Man... I wish computer clas was more fun, all we do are one page summarys, how dull... I wanna start with JAVA already.

Im so happy its the weekend, I can fineally get my computer back... then i can start on my layouts, havent been able to work on them for about 2 months now T.T When I do get it back, there will be no days of sleep for me. xD

Also, currently, San has gotten me into evil EdxWinry... I really like it for some reason... never thought I would se the day. Her drawings are the greatest. xD you rock man, oh yeah, and PS, Belinda, stop smokeing!
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There, I've Made my Account.   
05:35pm 18/09/2006
mood: bored
Well, here I am, kirby in all her glory. =3
There you go San... i made an account, had nothing better to do.
Well why im here I might as well lay down a few things that people who are reading this (if any) should know.
I am on this site simply because it's fun.
If you have anything bad to say about my work, fuck you, because I know.
xDD All my work is well pretty much just as a joke, or makeing fun of something,
and the people who will only really understand is my real friends from school, cause' they rock.

I curently have no working computer at my house, that is why you must understand my layout is well, nothing.
When my loved computer comes back, I will bless you all with my wonderful graphics.
PS I like small gray font xD
That will be all for now =3

-Kirby =3
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